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                                                        WITH SELF AND OTHERS                      


                                                        Saturday, October 22, 2016

Presencing provides an upping of the WOW! factor in our relationships that can continue throughout life.

                                             Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks, Conscious Loving Ever After

We are living in a world that is constantly demanding our attention.  Since we get what we focus on, it is essential that we know what is important to us and our relationships.  We can then consciously focus our attention in ways that give meaning to our lives. 

Presence and attention are the essence and currency of relationship with ourselves and others.

We will explore the power of presencing and attention by looking at our attention habits that limit connection and deepening of our relationships.  We will identify the ways that we block curiosity and strengthen defensiveness which keep us defended rather than open to possibilities of new solutions to old, repetitive, unresolved issues. 

We will learn the art of moving from fear, contraction, defending and distancing—the despair cycle, to flow, curiosity, presence, integrity and creativity—the growth spiral. 

We will explore the art of being curious rather than defensive which leads to speaking from discovery (truth telling) and listening to learn.  By being fully present, we engage our body wisdom and our willingness to expand and deepen our relationships.

This event is for individuals and couples who are interested in increasing love and deepening relationship with self and significant others in their lives.  


                 Held at Bryn Gwadd in West Friendship, Maryland.

                 Saturday:  Begins at 9:30 AM and ends at 4:30 PM.

                                                   Cost is $125.

     6 Category I, Social Work CEU’s are available at no additional cost.

To register for an event, send an email to mailto: RJRoark1@verizon.net  with your name, address and telephone number.

Then send your payment by regular mail.

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